Top 5 Reasons To Choose Solid Surface Tubs

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Solid Surface Tubs

Jan 21st 2019

What is solid surface?

Solid surface is made of mixture of minerals and other resin to produce a strong smooth nonporous material. The mixture can be molded almost to any shape and size. This material is very popular in bathroom use for its smooth fine finish in luxury homes and hotels. The top reason most people choose this material for there tubs are:

1. Space

Due to the way this material can be shaped into any shape or size it has an effect of giving the most space inside the tub for the use. Acrylic tubs of same size are made of two sheets , thus causing a space between the sheets and making the inside of tubs smaller. Solid surface tubs are molded and are more spacious inside. They tend to be more comfortable and give a more relaxing and enjoyable sitting position

2. Hygiene

Solid surface tubs are nonporous and are more hygienic than most tubs and are naturally resistance to mold, stains or mildew. They are naturally antibacterial thus giving you a cleaner feeling.

3. Easy To Clean

To clean the tub you need to rinse the tub with warm water and wipe with soft cloth. You need to use mild nonabrasive cleaning solutions and avoid products that are abrasive or acidic or contain ammonia.

4. Easy To Repair Small Scratches

To remove the scratch you need clean the tub removing all dirt and dust. Then use coarse sandpaper in a circular pattern to buff the scratch. Then use a fine sandpaper to make it smooth. Clean with a soft cloth and use a smooth polishing compound to clean the surface.

5. Smooth Finish

Solid surface material has a silky smooth finish. This gives a relaxing feeling while you are soaking in your tub. They also retain heat.Most popular finish is the matte finish.