Cathleen Blue Ceramic Wall Tile 4" X 8"

Cathleen Blue Ceramic Wall Tile 4" X 8"

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Elevate the style of your home décor with our artisanal wall tile. The minimal look combined with the subtle texture allows for our tile to be mixed & matched to best fit the style of your home project. Made with dust-pressed glazed ceramic, the Artisan wall tile makes for a perfect accent wall, a Shower wall or even an eye-catching backsplash guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to your Kitchen or Bathroom.

Note: Avoid using aggressive or acidic cleaning products. We recommend using only neutral soaps diluted with water and a soft cloth to buff out scuffs.

  • Suitable for Kitchen wall & Backsplashes
  • Made from dust-pressed ceramic
  • Colors may vary
  • Made and Imported from Spain
  • May require sealing for areas prone to moisture
  • 1pc = .22ft²

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