New York - Smart Toilet - Simple

New York - Smart Toilet - Simple

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Smart Toilet - Simple - 9-TA-832ZD-2

Smart Toilet - Simple Plus - 9-TA-832ZD-1

Smart Toilet - Full Function - 9-TA-832DF

Simple Features: - Built-In Bidet: Rear and front nozzles for full cleansing abilities controlled with the turn of a knob - Self-cleaning Nozzles: Bidet nozzle cleans itself before use. - Seat Warmer: Adjustable temperature control for the seat - Seat Sensor: Automatically detects when someone is seated to activate features - Soft-Closing Seat: Dampers are built into the seat and lid to close softly - Automatic Flush: Hands-free flushing after you stand up - Manual Flush: Functions as a standard toilet when power is off - Pre-Wetting Bowl: Automatically pre-sprays bowl before use to help prevent stains - Two Different Flushes: Manually use high volume or low volume flush to save water - Energy Saving: Designed to conserve energy - Power Button: Easily turn all advanced features on or off - Backup Power: Uses a standard 9-volt battery during power outages or emergencies


Simple Plus Features: - All features of Simple version - Remote Control Flush: Choose high volume or low volume flush without touching the toilet


Full Function Features: - All features of Simple and Simple Plus versions - Adjustable bidet front and rear nozzles for more thorough positioning and cleaning - Adjustable bidet water pressure for stronger or gentler cleaning - Adjustable bidet water temperature to suit your preference - Periodic UV sterilization of bidet nozzles when toilet is not in use" - Air Dryer: Dries you off after bidet usage to reduce need for toilet paper - Adjustable dryer air temperature - Adjustable dryer air nozzles for more precise drying - Foot Sensor: Automatically opens and closes lid and seat and flushes - Enhanced Remote Control: Remote allows control, positioning, and adjustment of all features - Night Light: Helps guide you in the dark or at night - Deodorizer: Removes odors after use

1 Year Limited Distributors Warranty

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